Aydın İnşaat Makina

Batch Type Asphalt Plants

AYDIN, has developed a modern plants including mobile and fixed 30 to 300 t/h with a capacity of producing world-class asphalt. AYDIN has a very different alternative designs according to customer requests. Asphalt Plants noise, dust, noise, heat-safe, user-and environment-friendly. The unit is designed in accordance with the dimensions gabarilerine highways. A modular structure was developed for easy and fast assembly - disassembly.

The units are developed to get maximum yield and unit cost of asphalt has been minimized.

The use of supplies allows the production of various asphalt products (mastic asphalt, colored asphalt, removed (re-cycling), etc. Fully computer-controlled and can be operated manual, semi-automatic and full automatic.

The most important feature of our products is more economical in terms of cost and operating expenses.

Low energy consumption, have fuel consumption optimized, able to run by 2 people (plant operator and the operator of the installation), long-lasting systems and equipment, maintenance needs are minimized due to lower operating costs.

All kinds of liquid fuel (fuel oil, No. 6 fuel oil, heating oil, diesel oil and so on.) natural gas or LPG can be used in Aydın asphalt plants.

Our products are sufficient enough in terms of technological competence and environmental protection.

Modular structure of our products provides , easy installation, and substitutions are to be carried out provides a very short period of time.