Aydın İnşaat Makina

Salt Storage Facilities

The fight against the snow-ice on roads is important in many ways to take action quickly. Frost-fast fighting, the most important factor in terms of loss of life and property. Our company is rapidly taking measures against icing salt for the salt as soon as possible that would enable the tool to install the icy region realized the production of salt storage system technology to move to Turkey.

The plant consists of salt supply unit and completely wooden silos. The most important feature of this plant in the free form (fluent),salt silo is installed, then the same property is preserved. If the salt is wet, according to the state protection of fluency with the addition of salt into the additive is provided.

50 m3 to 250 m3 of salt silos capable of holding up to.

In addition, as a group of up to 200 m3 to 1000 m3 storage facilities are established.

That does not require large fields of these facilities, alternative placement options are available depending on the situation.